Dakar Rally 2010: Chile & Argentina


1M&R Tours is especially enthusiastic because this Paris-Dakar Rally 2010 version will be welcomed for the second consecutive year by Argentina and by Chile! And, as your leading Travel Company and Travel Consultant, we are proud to announce you that in M&R Tours, and also for the second time, we are designing and offering to you our extremely professional itineraries following the Paris-Dakar 2010 route.

 After a first experience in South America, the variety of the territories and terrain, the intensity of the challenge taken on by the competitors and the enthusiasm of the crowd have convinced both the authorities of the two countries and the head of the rally to renew the adventure. In 2010, Argentina and Chile will jointly celebrate the bicentenary of their independence: the Dakar will have the honor of starting these celebrations. It will precisely take off from Buenos Aires on the 1st of January for an 8600 km journey to end on the 17th at the same city.

03_17562649 Based on the success M&R Tours had last year providing creative trips for travelers from all parts of the world, we want to share with you some of our itineraries built around this year spectacular event’s route, which will allow you to appreciate the diversity of the imposing gorgeous landscapes we boast here in both countries and, definitely as an added bonus, the unique identity and welcoming people of each city this Rally goes through.06_17474085

 “The Dakar Rally is the biggest event in cross country rallying. Everything else is just waiting.”

Please send us a quick email or give us a call if you want us to set aside any of these itineraries for you at the 2010 Paris-Dakar Rally.  Our phone   +54 1149515968    or our e-mail info@m-rtours.com


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