Buenos Aires: Passionate Tango!!

Tango-Show-Buenos-Aires-01Defined by Jorge Luis Borges as: “… the most outspread Argentinean production, which has insolently proclaimed the Argentinean name across the face of the Earth. It is evident that we must find out about its origins and prescribe a genealogy where neither the deified legend nor the definite truth be missing.”

Tango is the dance of the flesh, of the desire, of the embraced bodies. It is a new dialogue, the seduction made movement, the coming and going, encounter of two worlds. It is an exhibitionist dance, aesthetically pleasant and fearlessly teasing. The dancing couple slightly touches each other’s shoes among sensual caresses, while the stunned occasional spectator –an eternal voyeur- is fascinated and astonished by the fervor of the tacit romance between the dancers in turn…

Tando DramaticTango is a cultural phenomenon developed in the kernel of a specific society, as a consequence of an amalgamation of experiences and ideologies intertwined in two cities at the banks of the River Plate, Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

It is the social fusion of what is “criollo” together with the new colonists: the immigrants, who helped to our own idiosyncrasy and ideology as much -or perhaps more- as the Spanish colonization.Tango Air

Nowadays, tango is more alive then ever. Although it is not a massive phenomenon as in its early years, it is still the best way to penetrate the Buenos Aires soul and will always stand as its most genuine symbol.

Many places in Buenos Aires invite you to enjoy tango dinner shows. Along with a national and international gastronomic proposal they introduce dancers, singers and orchestras displaying the grace and the glamour of this musical genre from the Rio de la Plata area. Here, tango shows off to who come to appreciate its charm. And, of course, it gets all the applause.




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