How did Easter Island statues get their distinctive red hats?

Huge statues, in the hillside of the Rano Raraku volcano in Easter Island, 3700 km off the coast of Chile.

Moais en Anakena2British archaeologists said they believe they have solved the ancient mystery of how the giant stone statues on Easter Island acquired distinctive red hats. The researchers said the key to the mystery lies in their discovery of a road on the tiny Pacific island.
The hats were built in a quarry hidden inside the crater of an ancient volcano, and then rolled by hand or on tree logs to the site of the statues.

 Rapa Nui Dancer
The archaeologists examined the way the hats, each weighing several tons and made of red scoria, a pumice-like volcanic rock, were moved by Polynesians between 500 and 750 years ago.
They were placed on the heads of carved stone human figures known as moai standing on ceremonial platforms which encircle the island’s coastline.
But the riddle of how they were raised and attached remains unsolved.
The most isolated and mysterious culture of the South Pacific can be found on this island of 160 Km2. The Moais fascinate everybody who visits this remote Chilean insular territory.

This Archaeological Heritage of the World is located right in the middle of the route between South America and Tahiti. The island is full of mysterious places to be visited and enjoyed. The charming people will offer us the magic of their dances and culture. The sub-tropical influence on this island provides it with a pleasant climate, which allows it to be visited all year round.

moais con ojos 8rapa nui dc

 The legend of the impressive Moais, the non-deciphered writing and the birdman ceremonies will put us in contact with a past that we invite you to discover.

Moais in Anakena

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