Literary and Cultural Tours, by M&R Tours

Our passion for writers, writing and reading!

As we are very passionate about Writing and Reading, we are including in our Travel Company M&R TOURS some itineraries focused on such pleasant activities. And we would like to show you today at least one of them and talk to you about our work philosophy.books

We would also like to invite you to an amazing experience: follow with us some of our most outstanding South American writers’ path! We have developed 4 Literary & Cultural Itineraries in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil.

We count here with professionals and the necessary infrastructure to build wonderful Literary and Cultural Tours, whether in Argentina, Chile, Brazil or Peru. Our local partners are extremely professional, and the best of all is that we have incredible writers in our continent, as Borges, Cortázar, Sábato, Guiraldes, Ocampo, etc in Argentina; Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral, in Chile; Jorge Amado, Guimaraes Rosa, in Brazil; César Vallejo, Mario Vargas Llosa, in Peru; just to name a few.

books1Besides, our landscapes and cities have their particular wonder and charm, and, as you already may know, our people are almost the friendliest in the world!!

Literary and Cultural Travel is an excellent way to undertake serious self-exploration.

Our tours have easy guided walks to immerse ourselves in the cultural and natural history of a place, informal talks about a specific author from the country you want to visit, and exceptional cuisine.

We may send to you our M&R TOURS Detailed Itineraries that offer the opportunity to travel through both space and time in our exquisite countries.

Come & Travel with us!

 Communicating with the passion of artists 

For more information about Literary or Cultural Tours in South America call us at   +541149515968 or send us an email to

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