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Torres del Paine Patagonia Chile paine
The Spanish word “torre” means “tower,” an appropriate name for the trio of soaring granite pinnacles that form the centerpiece of Torres del Paine National Park in remote southern Chile. In Torres del Paine, mountains rise from the windswept Patagonian plains, creating some of the most dramatic scenery on earth. Majestic peaks, including the jagged Cuernos del Paine (Horns of Paine) and Paine Grande, the park’s highest point at 10,006 feet, loom over a wild landscape of glaciers, rushing rivers, and turquoise lakes. From the population centers of central and northern Chile, this isolated region is reachable only by air, sea, or road through Argentina.
Chile’s Torres del Paine trek is the “classic” Patagonian trek offering towering granite peaks, valleys surrounded by 360 degree panoramas of mountains, glacial views stretching to the horizon, incredible fields of wild flowers, and much more. With short options to day hikes. 
 Fitz Roy Mountain, Torre Glacier and Perito Moreno Glacier Patagonia Argentina.Fitz Roy Massif
To complement any trip on the Chilean side of Patagonia there is “Los Glaciares National Park” in Argentina. Los Glaciares is one of the most scenically impressive national parks in South America. This vast reserve protects around 2300 square miles of the Patagonian Andes, including over 40 major glaciers. The northern section of the park is dominated by the incredible, world-famous form of the Fitz Roy Massif, with its sheer, 6000-foot rise from the glaciers at its base. There are numerous spectacular mountains rising above the immense Lago Viedma, including Fitz Roy 3405 mts, and Cerro Torre 3128 mts.

trekking on ice1
The latter is such a steep and difficult granite needle that its summit was not climbed until 1974.The southern section is one of the world’s glacier wonderlands (40 percent of the park is covered by glaciers). About a dozen glaciers flow east to feed two huge lakes, Lago Viedma and Lago Argentino, and there are another 190 glaciers not connected to the park’s giant South Patagonis Icefield.

You may spend several days exploring and hiking through these places of outstanding beauty that have made of Patagonia a true hiker’s paradise at the ends of the earth. To trek on the Glaciers just put on your crampons (provided on spot) and trek on the glacier’s surface developing your ice climbing skills (harness and ice axes are also provided).

aconcagua1Trekking in “The
High MountainMendoza Argentina
The Mendoza province is most commonly known as the wine country of Argentina, but it offers much more than just good wine, it is also an all-season outdoor mecca that is full of sight-seeing opportunities and adventures. Most trekkers take off from the hub of Mendoza, toward the Uspallata Valley with aspirations of completing their ultimate trekking adventures. Mountains surround this area in all directions and provide a completely different type of scenery than is seen in other parts of the country. The mountains are huge and rocky, the land is dry, and the population is sparse. As you continue along this one lane highway toward the Chilean border you will find the Aconcagua National Park which includes a mountain linking corresponding to Central Andes and their peak altitude and main attraction: the Aconcagua hill, the highest summit of America with 6,959 meters of height.
Parque Provincial Aconcagua is the starting point for many of the smaller hikes in the area. There are numerous trail heads that weave through the lagoons and alongside Rio Mendoza which any and every person can choose to follow at their desired pace. The degree of difficulty will vary from person to person depending on how their legs and lungs allow them to move.
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