Estancias Argentinas

Estancias, or ranches, play a huge part in Argentina’s culture and economy.
In the early days these establishments were responsible for making Argentina one of the biggest meat and grain producers in world. Dotted around the vast, flat pampa we find delightful old estancias, which continue to retain their colonial elegance and charm. Perfectly juxtaposed with the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, the estancias offer a chance to step back in time and imagine life as it was generations ago. Here one can relax, ride, watch the gauchos at work and enjoy an authentic – unbeatable Argentinian barbecue.
Estancias also give tourists the rare opportunity to stay as a guest at a working estancia in order to experience the unique gaucho ranch culture in a tranquil and beautiful setting of untamed countryside. Most estancias are over two hundred years old and still maintain traditional practices and values.
La CandelariaThe typical Argentine estancia contains a mansion in French, English, and colonial style, with the main residence usually converted to receive guests. These elegant and historic buildings overlook vast expanses of countryside where cattle and sheep graze. Estancias can be found all over Argentina, including in the Pampas region outside of Buenos Aires, or in the mountains of Southern Patagonia. Being in such a beautiful natural setting makes it an excellent place for all types of outdoor activities, including horseback riding on trails or, for the more adventurous, with the gauchos on a cattle drive. You caPolo Caballosn also choose to join in on the daily activities of the gauchos. Other excursions such as whitewater rafting or mountain trekking are usually available depending on the location of the estancia.
Estancias are also known for their excellent cooking of barbeque, fresh local meats of lamb and beef, and vegetables from the garden. Some of the chefs may even let you in on their recipes.Bife Argentino


We invite you to visit the different unspoiled regions of this vast and wonderful country staying at a private ranch or special destination, where you can practice your favorite sport, learn about the local culture, enjoy the outdoors, as you delight savoring the great Argentine wines and famed beef, immersed in a natural setting and hosted by the warm and hospitable Argentine spirit!


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