Considering the importance that the oceans have for the development of their respective nations, the Chilean and Argentinean Navy have agreed to organize the maritime component of the celebrations that their corresponding countries will hold during the year 2010 due to the Bicentennial of the patriotic events occurred in 1810. The celebration includes other countries that will have the Bicentennial like Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico.

To give shape to this important event, both countries constituted respective Commissions, which assumed bilaterally the commitment of the challenging organization of this event.
This joint work has considered the incorporation of other national institutions and civil organizations in Chile and Argentina, which has allowed project “Sails South America 2010” to develop a summoning in the civic conscience.

Simultaneously, in the hope of giving this event a strong regional value, the organization negotiated with Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Mexico, achieving the inclusion of these countries in the organization of the project, with a port in each of their respective coastlines.

“Sails South America 2010” has its start date during the first days of February 2010, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, finishing in Veracruz at the end of June of the same year.
Due to the importance of this event, where a wide range of nations are participating, the local community and, of course, visitors from worldwide, also will be able to join the celebration taking part in the different cultural, recreational and sports activities that will be organized due to this maritime encounter. This will allow the citizens to feel even closer to this international encounter that celebrates the Bicentennial.

“Sails South America 2010” will constitute the ideal framework to embellish the Bicentennial in the countries along this continent. It will allow you to be witnesses and leading characters of the main nautical event of South America, one of the most outstanding ones, joining Latin America’s countries for 136 days of crossing through the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.


This historical crossing wouldn’t be the same if the participating vessels would not make landfall in renowned ports. These places together their representative vessels, will be the true main characters of this project, which was born as a way to celebrate the Bicentennial. Today this event represents the union and brotherhood of the nations and a unique opportunity to show the World the beauty of America and the history that this captivating continent has. 


What is a sailing ship?

The Bicentennial Regatta will unite several of the most magnificent sailing ships, among them frigates, schooners and brigs, both civil and military, from various countries of America and Europe, which will sail the seas of South America and the Caribbean.

A sailing ship is a vessel with a propulsion system based in the thrust or pressure that the wind causes on the sails. In these types of vessels, the young sailors form a personality that allows them to confront the dangers with calmness, as they become accustomed to them on a daily basis.

On a sailing ship a naval officer learns to work as a team, defying de fury of nature’s elements.

There are a numerous types of sailing ships, according to their rigging and arrangement of their sails. The most common are the frigate, the corvette, the brig, the brigantine, the round brig, and various types of schooners.


Do not miss this event at any of the ports we mention below!

Río de Janeiro (Brazil) 
31 January – 07 February 
Mar del Plata (Argentina)
22 – 26 February 
Montevideo (Uruguay) 
28 February – 02 March 
Buenos Aires (Argentina) 
04 – 09 March 
(*) Staten Island/ Isla de los Estados (Argentina) 
18 March 
Ushuaia (Argentina) 
20 – 23 March 
(*) Cape Horn (Chile) 
24 March 
Punta Arenas (Chile) 
27 – 30 March 
Talcahuano (Chile) 
08 – 12 April 
Valparaíso (Chile) 
15 – 20 April 
Callao (Peru) 
28 April – 02 May 
Guayaquil (Ecuador) 
07 – 11 May 
Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) 
19 – 23 May 
La Guaira (Venezuela) 
29 May – 02 June 
Santo Domingo (Rep. Dom.) 
06 – 09 June 
Veracruz (Mexico)  
23 – 28 Junio

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