Another first-rate show in Buenos Aires, comparable to the best in the world!

Opera Pampa is a colorful and unique show depicting the epic history of Argentina from the times of Spanish conquest to the beginning of the past century.
The Musical of the year. A masterpiece about Argentina, its traditions, songs, dance and gauchos culture. Pure motion!

It features over 50 dancers and horsemen onstage, stunning light effects and there’s even room for some fireworks. But it’s the carefully choreographed dances certainly steal the show. Afterwards you can stay for a tasty old fashioned asado or buy traditional goods at the gift shop. Making a reservation is strongly recommended.

There is no best choice to celebrate this Bicentennial!
The Opera Pampa Show is an event held in the old stadium of La Rural. This grand Belle Époque stadium known as La Rural was built at the turn-of-the-20th century overlooking Plaza Italia, at Palermo neighborhood. It served as the parade grounds for the Sociedad Rural Argentina, an association of wealthy landowners from all over the country founded in 1866.
This is an exciting show where you will be able to learn about the gaucho’s epic adventure and his traditions: from the arrival of the horse in the Americas until the birth of a Nation.

It features:
50 dancers and horsemen on stage.
– The most dazzling and colorful Argentine Dances in renewed and amazing choreographies.
– Original music score including several attractive folklore melodies and unforgettable songs.
Splendid horses, of different breeds, performing spectacular equestrian displays.
– Great scenography and carriages of the time.
– Amazing light and sound effects; fireworks.

The Show – Background
The horse has been a key protagonist of our country’s history and the inseparable partner of the gaucho, the typical inhabitant of the pampas. The horse became part of the Argentine people’s life and events and has always been present: at work in the country, during the conquest of the desert, when defending the border with the Indian camps, in the wars for independence and in the fights for the consolidation of the country.
Accordingly, this show, through the combination of amazing artistic expressions, presents memorable scenes depicting our traditions, our music, our dances, our culture, the dexterity of our horsemen, and the powerful beauty of our horses.

The Show – Synopsis
OPERA PAMPA is a dynamic and uninterrupted succession of fascinating scenes portraying different historical times and memorable events in the history of the Americas and mainly in the history of Argentina.
The show integrates different artistic expressions: folklore dances, musicians, singers, equestrian displays, fixed and moving stages, live and pre-recorded music and songs, and light and sound effects, among others.



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