José de San Martín is one of the most important historical figures in South America. He is known as the liberator of Argentina, Chile, and Perú, and thus is often referred to as El Libertador, or The Liberator. San Martín and the forces he controlled were instrumental in forcing the Spanish Imperialists out of these countries during the 19th century, and ensuring the subsequent independence of South America. He was a master of military strategy, a skill which led him to success. San Martin became a national hero in many South American countries.
In Mendoza, San Martín and his troops amassed a supply of provisions through the contributions of nearby townspeople. With his newly dubbed Army of the Andes, he began the crossing of the Andes into Chile on 5 January 1817. On 12 February 1817, only days after crossing the Andes, the Army of the Andes fought and won the battle of Chacabuco. It was at this time that San Martín would be given the title, Knight of the Andes.

“…what does not allow me to sleep well is, not the strength of our enemy army, but crossing these immense mountains”. Written by Don José de San Martín to José María Guido, 14 June, 1816.

I want to invite you to recapture with us one of the most amazing achievements in the history of mankind: the legendary crossing of the Andes through the route taken by San Martín to free Chilean neighbor country from the Spanish domination.

Don´t miss this adventurous and come to see the highest mountains in America, the Aconcagua (20 900ft.) and the Mercedario (20 700 ft.). It is in these uninhabited places, where huge herds of guanacos roam freely and the Andean condor nests. Only in unique places like this you can enjoy the privilege of watching them in plenitude. As the sun sets, the spectacular stars of the southern hemisphere will cover the sky.

All this creates the ideal ambiance to feel the timeless spirit of nature and settle each day’s emotions. After you have reached the other side of the Andes, you will be able to understand the exact value of each of San Martin’s words:

“…..and to the Army of the Andes remains forever the glory of saying: in 24 days we have done the campaign, we crossed the highest mountains of the globe, we ended tyranny and gave freedom to Chile”. Signed by José de San Martín, 22 February, 1817, Santiago de Chile.

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