Sierra de Las Quijadas:Argentine Red Earth and Amazing Sunsets

Visit Sierra de Las Quijadas National Park, where you will see many dinosaurs footprints, petrified roots and trunks and special tunnels, probably created by the excavation of living animals. The red cliffs are a natural amphitheater made by erosion.
The park is known for its huge red gorge, but that wonder takes up just a fraction of the park. More than a national park it should be referred to as a wildlife sanctuary as most of the park is out of reach of the ordinary passer through.
The name of the park is curious. About 150 years ago, there were bandits in this area that used to attack passenger carriages and steal their valuables. They used to hide inside the park, taking advantage of its topography, and then killed cows for eating cow skulls are called “quijadas” in Spanish, and this is the origin of the name of the park.
Whoever is interested in botany will find may kinds of desert plants and shrub, and there are many different kinds of birds inside the National Park, including condors, eagles, and falcons among the species in this dry arid area there are pumas, wildcats, grey foxes, maras, small fowl, American ostriches, grey falcons, vultures and lizards.
Sierra de las Quijadas is one of the top attractions in San Luis, Argentina. It forms one geological unit with Ischigualasto (Valle de la Luna), Talampaya, and El Chiflón. There is no museum here, but the walks around the park are interesting.

The 370,600-acre Sierra de Las Quijadas National Park was established in 1991 to protect arid Chaco and monte (dry scrub) vegetation as well as the region’s archeological and paleontological sites.

While the park is open year-round for visitors on Argentina tours, the area boasts some of the continent’s highest temperatures, making spring and fall the best time to visit during its cooler weather. The park is too new to have visitor services.

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