Leading style shopping tour. Palermo Soho Buenos Aires.

One of the world’s leading style capitals, Buenos Aires is recognized for its urban design and European-meets-South American flair reflected in all manners of leather, silver, textiles, and more.  Shopping Streets in cobble stoned Palermo SoHo neighborhood offer wonderful boutiques that sell very creative items and gifts.

Palermo Viejo, once a run-down neighborhood of warehouses, factories, and tiny decaying stucco homes in which few people cared to live as recently as 15 years ago, has been transformed into the city’s chicest destination. Palermo Viejo is further divided into Palermo Soho to the south and Palermo Hollywood to the north, with railroad tracks and Avenida Juan B. Justo serving as the dividing line. Palermo Soho is considered the more upscale of the two areas, blurring this dividing line. The center of Palermo Soho is Plazaleto Jorge Cortazar, better known by its informal name, Plaza Serrano, a small oval park at the intersection of calles Serrano and Honduras. Young people gather here late at night for impromptu singing and guitar sessions, sometimes fueled by drinks from the myriad of funky bars and restaurants that surround the plaza. On weekends, there is a crafts festival, but you’ll always find someone selling bohemian jewelry and leather goods no matter the day. Palermo Soho is well known for boutiques owned by local designers, with fancy restaurants and hotels mixed in. Palermo Hollywood is considerably quieter and less gentrified than Palermo Soho, which, in some ways, has become a victim of its own success, populated during the daytime by lost tourists with maps and guidebooks in hand. The neighborhood gained its name because many Argentine film studios were initially attracted to its once-cheap rents and easy parking. At Palermo Soho you can find an important choice of restaurants, from international cuisine, thematic pubs, lounges, literary cafe’s and all the avant-garde regarding desing and fashion. In other words, the “place” of the young and alternative design of Buenos Aires.

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