Santiago 3N/4D & Easter Island 2N/3D program


Arrival at Santiago Airport. Transfer to your Hotel.
Santiago de Chile, resting on an inland plain with the Andes Range glimmering in the distance, is the capital and biggest city of Chile with over 5,000,000 people.
Santiago is also the central point of a region filled with attractive sites and activities. Only 60 km away are the main South American ski centers, and the beautiful beaches of the Pacific are only an hour’s drive to the northwest. Just south of Santiago lie the rich and beautiful vineyards of the Maipo Valley, one of the world’s most esteemed wine producing regions.
After some personal time enjoy City Tour.
Departure to the downtown area, starting at Bernardo O”Higgins avenue, the main one in the city and visiting La Moneda presidential palace followed by a walk through the pedestrian Ahumada and Huerfanos streets and  “Plaza de Armas” surrounded by the cathedral and other historical buildings. Continue to the old residential areas climbing up San Cristobal hill to have a panoramic view of the city before continuing to other areas of interest such as Bellavista, centre of cultural and artistic activity and Las Condes and Providencia, modern residential areas of Santiago.
Overnight at Selected Hotel.  

After breakfast at the Hotel you will depart Santiago in the morning for a full day heading towards the coast, visiting Viña del Mar & Valparaiso.
Depart Santiago for a full day heading towards the coast. Enjoy the first stop in Pomaire, a small village where the inhabitants work the local clay to make a variety of dishes, pots and interesting sculptures amongst other handicrafts.Continue to the coast and visit the beach area of Renaca and the town of Vina del Mar, known as the Garden City for its pretty parks and flower lined streets. Visit the Gaming Casino and the coastal road. In the afternoon continue to the picturesque port of Valparaiso built in the 16th century on a total of 43 hills which are reached by narrow windy streets, staircases and a series of lifts (funiculars) which is now declared by UNESCO as patrimony of Humanity because of its eclectic architecture and urban development.
Afternoon return to Santiago.
Overnight at Selected Hotel. 

Breakfast at Hotel
Excursion to Concha y Toro Vineyard (Duration: 4 hrs. From Monday to Saturday)
Pick up from the hotel to travel in a southerly direction to the Maipo river valley, where Concha y Toro, the largest and most important Chilean vineyard, was founded. This area is ideal for the production of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that are used to produce the most traditional red wine of the country. Founded in 1884, this vineyard uses the most modern technology for its refrigeration equipment, stainless steel tanks, filters, and casks made of American and French oak. There we will visit the private park of the family, the cellars and the caves, among which is the legendary Casillero del Diablo. Different wines will be tasted. Return to Santiago.
Overnight at Selected Hotel. 

After breakfast, transfer to the airport.




Upon arrival at Easter Island Airport you will be transferred to Hotel.
The most isolated and mysterious culture of the South Pacific can be found on this island of 160 Km2. The Moais fascinate everybody who visits this remote Chilean insular territory.
This Archaeological Heritage of the World, is located right in the middle of the route between South America and Tahiti. The island is full of mysterious places to be visited and enjoyed. The charming people will offer us the magic of their dances and culture. The sub-tropical influence on this island provides it with a pleasant climate, which allows it to be visited all year round.
Overnight at selected Hotel.

Breakfast at Hotel followed by a Full Day excursion  Rano Raracu ( Moai Culture )
Today our guide will take you back in history to show you the remains of a once powerful culture. The first stop after leaving the village of Hanga Roa will be the bay of Hanga Te’e and the not restored platform of Ahu Vaihu. We will see how a culture built over hundreds of years, was totally destroyed by its own people in a very short time.
Then we proceed along the south coast towards the volcano Rano Raraku where we visit the “Moai factory”. We can still see there 397 statues in different stages of completion, some erected, some almost sunk in waiting for their transport, some still lying unfinished on the volcanic rock. From Rano Raraku you can already see the next highlight, Ahu Tongariki. This platform is from the most recent restoration, 1991-1995, and as you will see, it is the most impressive, a construction of almost 300 mts. in length. Fifteen statues, the tallest almost 10 mts high, were re-erected, the heaviest weighing aprox. 87 tons. One Moai is still wearing his Pukao, the topknot. Box Lunch Included.
Next we proceed to the east coast and “The navel of the world” with Ahu Te Pito Kura. Last but not least we will take you to the beautiful beaches of Ovahe and finally to Anakena. The area is surrounded by palm trees, white corral sand and one of the most beautiful restored platforms, Ahu Nau Nau, with seven Moais, four of them with Pukaos, as well as Ahu Ature Huki with one restored statue. There will be time for a swim in the waters of the Pacific before we take the road via Vaitea back to your hotel in Hanga Roa.
Overnight at Selected Hotel.

Breakfast at Hotel.
Half Day Excursion Orongo (Bird Man Culture)
On this half day tour we leave Hanga Roa, taking a short drive up the extinct volcano Rano Kau stop for a wonderful view of the whole island. Here our guide will thoroughly explain the geography and geology of Easter Island.
Our next stop offers a breathtaking view into the crater lake of Rano Kau. After a short drive we finally arrive at the ceremonial village of Orongo, center of the Bird Man Cult. The village consists of 53 restored houses built with flagstone and used by representatives of the tribes during ceremonies related to the bird man competition. At Mata Ngarahu we will see rocks with more than 300 petroglyphs of Tangata Manu, the god Make Make and others. There is an outstanding view to the three islets: Motu Iti, Motu Mui and Kao Kao, situated opposite Orongo in the ocean.
Our guide will share all that is known about the Tangata Manu, the competitors’ swim to Moto Nui, where they risked their lives to get to the egg of the Sooty Tern and swim back with it to win a chance at their tribe’s power over the whole island for one year. On the way back to the village we visit the cave of Ana Kai Tangata with paintings of marine birds. At the end we visit Ahu Vinapu, still viewed by many as remains of pre-Incan architects because of its remarkable stonemason ship.

In the afternoon, you will be transferred to airport to board flight to Santiago, connecting with your International Flight back home.


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