Buenos Aires – Theatres & Tango Shows

Buenos Aires has always been famous for its incredible cultural offer.
Cinemas, theatres and shows provide an unlimited variety of options for entertainment. Like every big city, Buenos Aires has a thriving theater scene. The ‘Broadway’ of Buenos Aires is the section of Avenida Corrientes that’s between Avenida 9 de Julio and Callao. Most of the city’s 40-odd theaters are located here. Dramas, musical comedies, “teatro de revistas” (a sort of revue), and tango shows, are some of the proposals for all ages, all year round.
Both cinema and theatre represent two very important activities for the porteños. Currently, there are about 175 theatres, 200 cinemas and many Tango Shows.
Tango has been exported to the world, but many enthusiasts in other countries move mountains to come here, to the acknowledged beating heart of tango, to learn from the masters!

The Colón Theater, inaugurated in 1908, is the pride of the porteños.
It has hosted, and still hosts, the most famous artists of the national and international opera and ballet. Caruso, Gigli, María Callas, Victoria de los Angeles, Krauss, Carreras, Domingo and Pavarotti were among the renowned singers.
It received dancers such as Alicia Alonso, Margot Fonteyn, Paloma Herrera, Nijinski, Nureiev, Barishnikov and Julio Bocca. Orchestra directors as Stravinsky, Toscanini, Von Karajan and Zubin Metha have also presented in the theater
Among the endless number of shows offered, music has a special place.
Those who love classic music can choose from a wide variety of concerts performed in different theaters, such as Colón and Coliseo. Both the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Symphonic Orchestra offer free concerts.

Opera (Citi) Theatre
Inaugurated in 1936. Teatro Opera is one of those places that do not need an address: hop on a taxi and say its name, that will be all the instructions needed. Its stage witnessed unforgettable performances by the likes of Josephine Baker, Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich, Mina, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Amstrong, Diana Krall, New York’s Ballet Theatre, the Bolshoi ballet, Ava Gardner, Julio Bocca, the Folies Bergères and Lido companies, not to mention local musicians of all genres. Renowned musicals including The Phantom of the Opera from Andrew Lloyd Weber and the adaptation in Spanish of the original Broadway production “Beauty and the Beast”.

Tango Porteño Show
Tango Porteño recreates the golden age of the forties, which is unquestionably known as the reign of the tango, the great Argentinean passion. Here you will travel through time in the glory days of Buenos Aires when tango was enjoyed and breathed in every corner of the city. The meticulous scenery and costumes at the Tango Porteño create the ultimate framework to transport you to that enchanting time when all Buenos Aires was Tango – an unforgettable Broadway Style experience.

Rojo Tango at Faena Hotel
The Faena Tango Salon is intimate and well designed and the intrusion of photography is forbidden. While 120 people can dine in comfort it feels more like 60. With Piazolla playing softly, this exclusive room could have been
plucked from a gothic novel, detective story or fin de siecle romance.
Each number tells a tiny story and has a flourishing finale. The woman vocalist has long dark hair a tiny waist, improbable breasts, a deep sensual voice and staggeringly sexy clothes. Once done she’s lifted off the stage with a twist and flourish and the dancers return for a well-timed but frenetic milonga.

Tango Palace
A musical with poetical, exciting, entertaining, unexpected and touching edges. Art and technology combining the most varied resources: qualified artists, great musicians and live singers. Unforgettable songs and suggestive choreographies that narrate visually emotive histories. Theatrical skills of the musical comedy combined with scenic light tricks. Three stages showing simultaneously a succession of pictures and images that shape a spectacle of great impact and refined aesthetics.
Electronic subtitles in English to fully understand TANGO lyrics.

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