Buenos Aires – Restaurants

The city of Buenos Aires holds more than 3,500 restaurants, ranging from the most sophisticated traditional and ethnic restaurants to bars, pubs and international chains of fast food restaurants. The classical parrillas offering Argentine roasted meat abound, even in the sidewalks. Buenos Aires is just the place to taste all kinds of meals from different countries of the world. Corrientes avenue is the ideal place to taste an excellent pizza. Dining in Buenos Aires is an art, a passion, and a pastime. Sobremesa (chatting over wine or coffee long after the table has been cleared) is as much of an event as the meal itself.
La Bourgogne Restaurant  at Alvear Palace.
White tablecloths and fresh roses emphasize the restaurant’s innate elegance. A sophisticated waitstaff brings you complimentary hors d’oeuvres as you choose from chef Jean-Paul Bondoux’s creations, which include foie gras, rabbit, escargots, chateaubriand, côte de veau (veal steak), and wild boar cooked in cassis.


Tomo I Restaurant
The famed Concaro sisters have made this restaurant, on the mezzanine of the Hotel Panamericano, a household name. The French-inspired menu has excellent fried, breaded calf brains, and a chocolate tart that oozes warm, dark ganache. White linen-covered tables are set far apart, in the romantic red room, making quiet conversation easy. Service is arguably tops in the city.
Cabana Las Lilas Restaurant
Widely considered the best parrilla in Buenos Aires. The menu pays homage to Argentine beef, which comes from the restaurant’s private estancia (ranch). The table “cover” — which includes dried tomatoes, mozzarella, olives, peppers, and delicious garlic bread — nicely whets the appetite. Clearly, you’re here to order steak: The best cuts are the rib-eye, baby beef, and thin skirt steak. Order sautéed vegetables, grilled onions, or Provençal-style fries separately, ask your waiter to match a fine Argentine wine with your meal.


   La Cabana Orient – Express Restaurant
Celebrities from Louis Armstrong to Fidel Castro and Sophia Loren have savoured its menu-topping “Grand Baby Beef” – and left behind stories that have added to its legend. With flamboyantly-clad gaucho chefs manning the parilla grill’s glowing coals, and great local red wines, this is a restaurant that sizzles in every way. The food here is strictly Argentine, but the decor is very British.
Steaks are excellent, the restaurant is huge, with more than 170 seats, including a rooftop terrace. The staff is knowledgeable about wine and there’s an excellent bar. Besides beef — served in portions as large as a kilogram (2.2 lbs.) — there’s chicken, fish, and a large selection of salads.  

Pura Tierra Restaurant
Martin Molteni the owner and chef is doing something really special. Pura Tierra offers a great introduction into traditional Argentine Cuisine, showing its influences from the different immigrant cultures that populated this country with the native ingredients that this land has to offer, all around a central concept – a traditional clay oven. Molteni puts all his craft and international experience to work, and the result is truly outstanding. Very special care is put into ingredient selection… and service includes touches of a high-end fine dining restaurant. This restaurant is at the top of its game. 

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