Salta Excursions

Salta, which is probably the town with the largest number of colonial remains in the whole country. The life in Salta treasures some of the rhythm of centuries ago. People live with no rush and the “siesta” (nap) remains in use.
The tourist circuit of the city of Salta is usually accomplished with a stroll across the centre of the city, allowed for by the short distances between the historical monuments. You must not neglect a visit to the Cerro San Bernardo Hill and behold from its crest the extraordinary panorama of the city. By day or night it constitutes a real spectacle in itself.

Calchaquíes Valleys
This immense extension of land including the provinces of Catamarca, Tucumán, and Salta offers a marvelous landscape, winding roads, and coloured hillsides. In each of the small villages lying in the valleys, our ancestors seem to have left their traces engraved on the rocks.

Located at 1,660 m above sea level, Cafayate is well known because of its famous torrontes wine product of the exquisite combination of temperature and humidity that provides the ideal environment to the growth of the sweet and deep fruit flavor. Winner of various gold and silver medals in international competitions, the bodegas produces also other types: cabernet, chardonnay, malbec, but to name a few. 
Getting to know Cafayate’s streets, its houses and mainly its people is a pleasant experience due to the fact that tourism is an important activity for the town.
You cannot miss to observe the unique architecture of the Cathedral, the flowery main square, the picturesque stone mill or the wine museums.

Among other interesting excursions, you can visit wine cellars, taste wines, and get to know colorful Las Conchas gorge or go for a stroll among Quilmes ruins while enjoying the outstanding waterfalls of Colorado River or Santa Teresita Hill.

Humahuaca Gore & Salt Flats
Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003, the Humahuaca Gorge is a vast, multi-coloured valley in the Andes. The towns in the valley preserve the legacy of the area’s original settlers and the Spanish conquistadors after them. This is reflected in the local architecture, archeological digs, music, food, festivals and handcrafts.

The highlights of this zone are:

Purmamarca: Located at the foot of the famous Cerro de los Siete Colores (Seven Coloured Hill), this is one of Jujuy’s most picturesque towns. Don’t miss the Santa Rosa de Lima church, the Paseo de los Colorados walk and the archeological site at Huachichocana.

Tilcara: the archeology capital of Jujuy and one of the most frequented tourist destinations in the Northwest. Explore this beautiful town by bike, horse or llama and visit the Pucará de Tilcara pre-hispanic fort. Tilcara hosts a vibrant carnival and a festival in honour of Mother Nature.

Humahuaca: starting point for visiting the Humahuaca Gorge, main access point to the Puna steppe and home to the Coctaca ruins. In the Summer, Humahuaca comes to life for eight days of solid Carnival.

Iruya: surrounded by breathtaking scenery, this traditional mountain village in the province of Salta is a great spot for viewing condors. Visit the Titiconte ruins and have lunch with the indigenous families of San Isidro and San Juan.Salinas Grandes (Salt Flats): occupying 212 Km² of the Puna area between the provinces of Jujuy and Salta, the Salinas Grandes are considered to be the third largest salt flats in the world. At 3500masl, they are one of the absolute highlights of Northern Argentina. For most of the year they are bright white in colour. When it rains and the salt plains are covered with water, they turn turquoise.

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