Pantanal the world’s largest wetland, Brazil

The Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland area, is the place to be if you’re craving to see an abundance of exotic wildlife. It’s situated mostly within the south of Mato Grosso and the north-west of Mato Grosso do Sul, both states of Brazil. All in all, the Pantanal is a swamp that covers a staggering 230,000 square kilometers, it is 20 times the size of the famed Everglades in Florida it is thought to be the world’s most dense flora and fauna ecosystem. A tour through the Pantanal consists of pure adventure. This area is an unparalleled wildlife sanctuary of spectacular beauty, an ecological paradise containing hundreds of species of birds, thousands of varieties of butterflies, myriads of brightly colored flowers, and shoals of fish. Capuchin and Howler monkeys, capybaras, toucans, anacondas, caimans and tapirs help create an aquatic and sylvan theater of sights and sounds. The endangered jaguar, and increasingly rare Hyacinthine macaws and giant river otters, all make their home in the Pantanal. The Pantanal also provides incalculable economic benefits. It offers a huge area for water purification and groundwater discharge and recharge, climate stabilization, water supply, flood abatement, and an extensive, transport system, among numerous other important functions. From Cuiabá, the capital of Mato Grosso, there are three gateways to the Pantanal Cáceres, Barão de Melgaço and Poconé. There are direct flights to Cuiabá and Campo Grande from Brasília and connecting flights from Rio and São Paulo. TAM is the only major Brazilian airline connecting other capitals, including Campo Grande and São Paulo, to Corumbá.

First day – Cuiabá – Pantanal
{transfer, photo safari, check-in, walk}
Arrival at Cuiabá, reception at the airport and transfer to Pousada do Rio Mutum Lodge, crossing the village of Mimoso on the way. During the transfer you will be able to observe various kinds of birds, small animals and ‘pantaneiro’ scenaries. Arrival at Pousada do Rio Mutum is expected in the late afternoon. After check-in, presentation of the area and watch the various forms of life unhabiting the lodge’s park. With luck various species of birds and animals may be seen. In the evening a delicious piranhas chowder will be served, followed by dinner consisting of many typical regional dishes. After dinner, organization of the activities that will be conducted, overnight at Posada.

Second day – Pantanal
{walk, horseback ride, photo safari by boat}
Early rise at daybreak before breakfast. This is the momento to see and listen to the dawn movements of the Pantanal’s awakening, a great spectacle of colours and sounds. Breakfast, followed by a tour on horseback (about an hour and a half) across the ranch and along the shores of Siá Mariana lake. On this outing you will familiarize yourself with diverse characteristics of the Pantanal, such as the cycle of floods and droughts, rivers of the region, history and culture of the ‘pantaneiro’ people. A lovely ride at the horses trot, meeting and enjoying the beauty of the Pantanal’s fauna and flora. Return to the lodge, lunch and a ‘pantaneiro siesta’ (nap). In the afternoon a boat tour and photo safari up the Mutum River. With luck you will may observe giant Brazillian Otters, Sting Rays, shoals of fish and various birds inhabiting the riverbanks. Return to the lodge at sundown. Dinner and sleep.

Third day – Pantanal
{walk, boat, Siá Mariana and Chacororé lakes, night outing with searchlight}
After breakfast a walk along trails across ‘cordilheiras’ – wooded belts up to three meters higher than the surrounding Pantanal that serve as game refuges during floods. The walk continue across pastures and open fields to observe the local flora and fauna. Here one can see diverse regional birds and mammals. Lunch at the lodge and a nap as is habitual in the Pantanal. During the afternoon a boat excursion across Mutum River as far as Siá Mariana lake, eight kilometers long, and on to lake Chacororé, which during flood seasons exceeds fifteen kilometers of open water. During the entire year one can see and various species of birds and small animals along the channel connecting the two lakes. On the way back a stop to enjoy the sunset and fish for piranha* (between March and October). It will then be possible to conduct the night search with spotlight as we head for the lodge when, with the luck, one may see animals of nocturnal habits like the Tapir, Foxes, Raccons and others. Dinner and sleep. 

Fourfth day – Pantanal
{Pantaneiro fishermen’s village, history, culture}
After breakfast we leave for a visit to typical pantaneiro fishermen’s village, located on the banks of the Cuiabá River. An enchanting place by its simplicity and the spontaneousness of its unhabitants. In this village one may interact with the legitimate ‘pantaneiro’ drawing his means of living from fishing and subsistence agriculture, appreciate his customs and peaceful convivial with the environment. A fine opportunity to understand the history of the ancient people who inhabited this region, the settlement with the colonizers and the history of the people who now live here. Interesting sttories of jaguars and much more. Return to the lodge for lunch and siesta. Afternoon free to rest. Dinner and sleep.

*** NOTE *** During the months of July to October the activities of this day may be replaced by a visit to the Pantanal’s largest aquatic bird breeding ground, with a stopover at the village of Cuiabá Mirim, where visitors may listen to the experiences each resident has had through living in the Pantanal.

Fifth day – Farewell to the Pantanal and transfer to Cuiabá 
{daybreak, rowing boat, check-out and transport to the airport}
We wake up early for the rowing boat ride in the Mutum River, witnessing once more the spectable of colours and sounds of the Pantanal’s awakening. Return to the lodge. After breakfast we begin the trip back to Cuiabá, arriving at the airport at the prearranged time. Good bye to the Pantanal

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