Puerto Maldonado Rain Forest, Peru

A paradise of biodiversity in the southeast of Peru. This is the least populated territory in Peru, with only 600,000 people living in its 80,000 kM2 (30,880 sq miles) of jungle area. Its capital is a riverside city known as Puerto Maldonado with 25, 000 Inhabitants. This is an exuberant and vigorous land that has not yet been punished by the destructive claws of civilization. The jungle is ferocious and intricate, hot and oppressive, but rich in life. In this area of the Amazon the greatest variety of animal and plant species on the planet coexist in perfect harmony. There are three conservation areas in Madre de Dios of great importance: the Manu Biosphere Reserve, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987, the Tambopata – Candamo Reserve, with intact populations of several endangered species, such as the giant river otter and the Harpy eagle, and the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park, home to some 450 different species of birds. Madre de Dios can only be described as a miracle of nature: A world of gigantic trees, powerful rivers and thick fog in which man is an outsider, a strange being disturbed by the whispers of the inhabitants of the jungle as he walks its tortuous trails. Here silence never reigns. Here anything could happen.

Suggested Itinerary:

Day 1: Puerto Maldonado – Posada Amazonas Lodge
Airport reception and transfer to the Tambopata river port in Puerto Maldonado. After a brief survey of the town we will depart on the 2 hour boat trip by motorized canoe to Posada Amazonas. This is a comfortable yet unobtrusive 24 room lodge owned jointly by Rainforest Expeditions and the Local Community of Infierno. In the afternoon, we will visit a 35 meter observation tower that is 15 minutes walking from the lodge. A video about the forest of Tambopata will be displayed after dinner.

Day 2: Posada Amazonas Lodge
We will be up at dawn for a visit to the Tres Chimbadas oxbow lake, fifteen minutes from Posada Amazonas by boat and a 30 minute walk take us to the lake shore. From here we take a long, easy canoe ride around it. We will return to the lodge’s trails in time for a visit to a small parakeet clay lick. Then we will return to the lodge for lunch before embarking on our afternoon outing. In the afternoon we will visit the community’s ethnobotanical center. We will return to Posada Amazonas for dinner and overnight. Optional night walk to look for amphibians and insects. 

Day 3: Posada Amazonas Lodge – Puerto Maldonado
After an early breakfast we will return to Puerto Maldonado for our flight back to Lima.

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