The magnificent Chilean fjords

With its almost 1,000 miles of islands, channels and fjords, the Chilean Fjords are comparable in size to the expansive fjord coastline of Norway. This incredibly beautiful part of the country is a magnificent collection of lakes, snow-capped volcanoes, dense forests and thermal springs.
Navigate through a series of channels and fjords, where the variety of hues change with each sunrise and sunset. From lush greens to icy blues and fiery reds, the kaleidoscope of Chile’s natural beauty envelopes us. The flora and fauna is rich and vibrant as are the people who inhabit these remote locales. As explorers, we marvel at the wildlife from Andean condors and Magellanic penguins to sea lions and Orcas. Along hidden forest trails we hike. Majestic mountains and regal glaciers float along the horizon as we way south toward the end of the earth. We are explorers seeking adventure amidst nearly 4,000 miles (6,437 km) of diverse coastline, and an abundant supply of history and culture … a melting pot known as Chile.


12.00 hrs: Set sail from the Skorpios’ Terminal located in Chinquihue km.6. Navigation through Llanquihue’s Archipelago and Queullin’s Pass. Then we will visit Llancahue’s Hot Springs, continuing navigation, to arrive to Quintupeu’s Fjord at 20.00 hrs., place where the German ship “Dresden” dropped anchor in World War I.

Navigation through Hornopirén’s Channel, disembark at Río Negros’ village for a visit. Cross of Ancud’s Gulf and pass through Guar and Mallén Channels, ending our cruise at Skorpios’ Terminal at 18.00.

The beautiful Quintupeu Fjord is located south of Puerto Montt. This place is where the German Ship “SMS Dresden” hid during the Malvinas Battle in the year 1915. The Fjord has a narrow entry and in its natural walls of 600 mts. high, long water falls and alerce trees can bee seen. Some of these trees can have up to 3.600 years of age and they are surrounded by flowers and other species, such as copihue, tepas, ulmos and lengas in the highest areas and here nature gives us an amazing view with volcanoes as the Yates and Hornopiren. The estuary and cliffs’ view is something impressive, unforgettable and touching.
The Llancahué hot springs are located in the same named island, south of the Ciervo’s Island. This hot springs have covered and open air swimming pools and they offer also a fascinating opportunity: take a bath in the Pacific Ocean, where its waters lessens the temperature. From this place we will have an exceptional view of the Llanchid Archipelago at sunset.

We will also visit the Rio Negro town, a peaceful and quaint village of this area. Its wooden houses, made of alerce’s shingles, have shade colors that contrast gladly with the green vegetation of the place. In this village you will be able to walk down their streets.

The whole area is known because of the presence of Andean Glaciers and geological faults that conduced to the glacier erosion. Get on board and enjoy this weekend Cruise, were gastronomy and the landscape will be at your service.

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