New Year in Punta, Uruguay “Saint Tropez Style”

Punta del Este is a jewel of South America. It’s to South America what St. Tropez is to Europe. It’s glamorous, glitzy and yet somehow reminds you of Southern California! You only have a short season, really just the New Year’s Eve period to enjoy this sexy hot-spot.

Punta, as the locals call it for short, is a popular resort and vacation destination for the moneyed classes in Uruguay and Argentina. There are great beaches in Punta del Este, and the nightlife scene is the best in Uruguay. Luxury villas and hotels are standard for the area, and the city is filled with the jet set all summer long.
New Year in Uruguay is celebrated with great pomp and show. Like all other South American nations, New Year in Uruguay is a time when the inhabitants of the country plunge in festivities. From special discounts in shops to glitzy events, New Year is a much awaited event.
The celebration is at its height on the 31st evening. People party till midnight and welcome the forth coming year with much enthusiasm. New Year is the best time to organize family reunions. Throughout the year, your near and dear ones may have to stay away from their home for various reasons. But in Uruguay, New Year is a time when all of the family members get together and make merriments.

Feasting is an important part of the New Year celebrations. It is said that the New Year in Uruguay is the most popular festival of the country and is popular across the world for its grand celebrations. Cakes, pastries, chocolate pies, puddings, along with a variety of salads, bacon, bake dishes and exotic desserts make your New Year feast memorable. Exchanging gifts is another important component of the New Year celebrations. New dresses are gifted to each other. Friends exchange cards and chocolates among themselves. All the important cities of Uruguay are decorated with lights, and streamers. Many houses of the country get a fresh paint or have a facelift for this occasion. This is the best time to visit Uruguay as the travelers will get to know a lot about the traditional customs of the country.
Special concerts and other cultural programs are arranged during the New Year for entertainment purposes.
To spend new year in Punta del Este would certainly be a good time to enjoy a scenic resort in the area, wonderful South American cuisine and mile of beautiful beaches. The area is also renowned for its many luxury hotels, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. There is something everyone visiting Punta del Este can do. To start with, one can try their luck at the many casinos available in the area. This can be done either during the day or night. For something interesting to delight the taste buds, one can consider checking out one of the many restaurants found in the area. At night, visitors can check out some of the nightclubs found in Punta del Este. Vacationers who like dancing the evening away can visit discos that do not close until dawn. Other interesting hot spots in the town include the Cipriani Lido and La Barra. The region is full of natural and interesting attractions. To enjoy a calm and relaxed day, one can head down to the beach to enjoy mile and miles of sand and water. You can visit different beaches on different days. This allows you to find your favorite one and you can enjoy the beach better. One can also take part in different types of sporting activities. Sailing, swimming, boating and beach volley ball are some of things one can do. Off the shore, one can take a walk, jog, hike, bike or play golf.

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