New Year’s Eve Tango Style in Argentina

Book one of the most exclusive New Year’s Show in Buenos Aires at Tango Porteño, and ring in New Year’s 2011 with the best Argentinean tango show ever!

It seems impossible to imagine Argentina without thinking of tango, its greatest export to the world. Tango originated with a guitar and violin toward the end of the 19th century and was first danced by working-class men in La Boca, San Telmo, and the port area. Combining African rhythms with the habanera and candombe, it was not the sophisticated dance you know today rather, the tango originated in brothels, known locally as quilombos. At that time the dance was considered too obscene for women, and as they waited their turn, men would dance it with each other in the brothel lounges.

Increasing waves of immigrants added Italian elements to the tango and helped the dance make its way to Europe, where it was internationalized in Paris. With a sense of European approval, Argentine middle and upper classes began to accept the newly refined dance as part of their cultural identity, and the form blossomed under the extraordinary voice of Carlos Gardel, who brought tango to Broadway and Hollywood, and is nothing short of legendary among Argentines. Astor Piazzolla further internationalized the tango, elevating it to a more complex form incorporating classical elements.

Tango Porteño: these two words genuinely sum up the essence and identity of a great city. To be born in Buenos Aires is to be Porteño – and tango was born and is alive in Buenos Aires – the city of Tango.
Tango Porteño has recreated the most important, unparalleled age of Tango history. In this special place only a few steps from the famous Obelisk the essence of a unique time and place has been recovered. The setting is luxurious and so is the embodiment of refined ambience; a treasured Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie theater from bygone years. The theater was restored down to the last detail in pure art-deco style. Tango Porteño is the image of Buenos Aires.

New Years Menu:
Transfer to/from hotels downtown, Recoleta ,and Palermo
Open bar with cocktails, wine, beer and soft drinks
Variety of cold and hot appetizers
Gala dinner with a special menu including appetizer, main course, dessert, and selection of wines, soft drinks and coffee
New Year’s Tango show
Sweet table filled with Argentine desserts
Midnight toast with champagne
Party ‘til morning with a DJ
Days and Hours:
December 31th, 2010 – transfer to venue at 20:00 / transfer from venue every 30 min, starting after midnight

Contact us for conditions, price & availability or  54 11 49515968 

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