Valparaiso Chile 24 Tons of Fireworks


There is a spectacular Fireworks display that explodes over the harbor of Valparaiso every New Year’s Eve

Celebrating the New Year in the Sea: Every December 31st almost two million people gather in Valparaiso, where the streets, restaurants and balconies facing the bay are teeming with people who have come to welcome the new year with one of the most spectacular fireworks events in the Southern Cone. For over half an hour the fireworks and joy light up the skies of the Fifth Region.
The New Year in the Sea began in 1952 and has become a tradition that has crossed borders. The best views are in the Gervasoni, Yugoslavo, Barón, and 21 de Mayo promenades. The streets become a carnival after the fireworks.Everybody shares embraces and friendship. It is an incredible way to begin a new year.
Partying in the port: The night offers special attractions in Valparaiso: its multiple nightlife spots opening at sundown; young university students and sailors from ships passing through all add to the port’s nightlife.
There are also regular party areas, such as the mythical Subida Ecuador or Subida Cumming, where countless bars and taverns offer music and varied conversation with young locals. If you want more traditional establishments, the bohemian lifestyle remains alive in bars with long traditions, like the mythical Cinzano, and in tango clubs.
The Cultural Carnival: Between Christmas and New Year the port changes and the streets become stages for theater and dance companies, painters, musicians, filmmakers, cooks and folklorists. The three-day Valparaiso cultural carnival has been celebrated since 2001.
It is a veritable street party, with hundreds of thousands of people gathering for the parade to pass with people dressed in vivid colors and fantastic shapes that every year represent different cities around the world. This is the best way to await the New Year fireworks celebration.


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