After arrival to Ezeiza International Airport you will be received and taken to your Hotel. Buenos Aires is a complex, energetic, and seductive port city, which stretches south-to-north along the Rio de la Plata; it has been the gateway to Argentina for centuries. Porteños, as the people of Buenos Aires are known, possess an elaborated and rich cultural identity. They value their European heritage highly, and the lifestyle and architecture are markedly more European than any other in South America. But the city has also spawned its own art forms, notably the tango, for which Buenos Aires is famous.
After some personal time, you will be able to acknowledge the elapsing of time in space discovering Outstanding Buenos Aires on a 3 hours City Tour.
Architecture, museums, sculptures, history…   Colonial, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassic, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modern, International… Buenos Aires is a city with style. Puerto Madero, Plaza de Mayo, Av. de Mayo, The National Congress Building, Avenida Corrientes ,The Obelisk, El Ateneo Bookstore, Floralis Generica, Recoleta Cultural Center, Nuestra Señora del Pilar Basilica, Cemetery of la Recoleta, Caminito Street, La Boca and more…much more…
Overnight at Selected Hotel.

DAY 02:
After breakfast you will get to know the real Argentina on a Ranch Day at Estancia Santa Susana.
An opportunity to meet ‘gauchos’ in their own environment. A ride to the outskirts of the city into the countryside, the ‘pampas’, cradle of the ‘gaucho’ and the rich ‘gaucho’ tradition that was so beautifully portrayed by writer José Hernández in his famous ‘Martin Fierro’. Visit a typical Estancia in Buenos Aires Province where the welcome is with delicious Argentine ’empanadas’ followed by a delicious asado criollo (barbecue) prepared in the traditional fashion, everything well accompanied by local wines. After lunch, a folklore show and a gaucho skills demonstration will complete the day. 
Overnight at Selected Hotel.

Breakfast at Hotel.
Half day excursion to the northern districts, Tigre and Delta. (4 hours)
30 kmts away from the City of Buenos Aires, Tigre and its delta leads us deep into a natural scenery where the thickness of the shrub land is embraced by various channels of reddish waters.
Our delta is the third in the world as regards size, following the famous Nile River Delta (in Africa) and the Amazonas River Delta (in the North of Latin America). Nevertheless, its 27 thousand square kilometres have been hardly exploited. Enjoy one hour boat ride on the Delta.
Evening Tango Show & Dinner at Magnificent Tango Porteño
Tango Porteño recovers that spirit crystallized in a unique place.  Magically it recreates the best and most transcendental time ever in the history of tango framed within a luxurious building of those days that used to be a movie theater of the Metro Goldwyn Meyer. The old and beloved Metro, just a few steps away from the Obelisk today becomes Tango Porteño, a place blending the most refined environment and pure golden days’ deco with great artists, unbeatable productions, and first class cuisine paying home to the represented time.  It could not be otherwise because Tango Porteño is the image of Buenos Aires, the “City of Tango.”
Overnight at Selected Hotel.

Breakfast at Hotel followed by transfer to airport for flight to Ushuaia.
Ushuaia lies in the southern end of the Republic of Argentina, on the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost city in the world. Located on the Beagle Channel, it takes its name -which means “bay overlooking the West”- from the yámana tongue.
Within the impressive frame made up by the sea, the forests, the lakes and the mountains, Ushuaia is a picturesque city with an important tourist services infrastructure, an elegant commercial center and an increasing social and cultural activity.
After arriving, transfer to Hotel
Panoramic City Tour around Ushuaia will include a visit to the neighborhoods and its attractions that represent their idiosyncrasies. Departing from Maipú Avenue, towards the Footbridge Luis Pedro Fique, crossing this narrow path that ends at La Mission neighborhood, an area chosen by the first white men settling in Ushuaia. Other districts to visit will be the Brown and Solier, built by the first immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century. During the tour, we will see old houses pertaining to the first settlers like the Bebans, Pastorizas, Cangas, Fiques, Salomons, and Ramos, among others, and the Provincial Legislature, the old government’s house. Also you will be able to observe the contrast of the incredible growth produced by the arrival of new settlers during the 80’s.
Our return will be through the Leandro N. Alem Avenue, and will continue at the Maritime Museum and Old Prison of Ushuaia. After a brief visit, we will go to the End of the World Museum, where part of the city’s culture and history is exhibited.
Overnight at Selected  Hotel.

After breakfast at the hotel head off for a Half Day Tierra del Fuego National Park Tour – Train of the End of the World Ride Included.
An old steam-powered train carried the convicts, as they worked to supply firewood for the town. For them it was a hard ride, but today this train has become an attractive way for visitors to get to know a little more about Ushuaia’s past.
Travelling west along the National Road 3, you will reach the Train Central Station, just 8 km. away from the city. A replica of the original train is used to carry visitors and let them experience the same journey that prisoners were forced to make decades ago.
Ancient forests of hundreds of years, peat bogs and even a reconstructed indian settlement, can be seen during the ride. Finally, after a brief stop at the Macarena Waterfall, the train will lead you into the limits of the National Park.
The corner of the Earth: a magnificent landscape. This Park, 12 km from Ushuaia, is the only National Park with ocean coast in the country. Its 63.000 hectares protect innumerable ńires, lengas, cherry trees, calafates and notros and flowers as violets and orchids. The walk in the park offers marvellous panoramic views of the Beagle Channel surrounded by mountains and an opportunity to feel nature at its best. The Pan American road that joins America from north to south, starts in Alaska and finishes at Lapataia Bay, a dreamt paradise that together with Laguna Verde and Lago Roca is the highlight of the tour.
Afternoon Beagle Channel Navigation (Seals Island)
Transfer to the tourist port to board a catamaran and sail the waters of the Beagle Channel which unites the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. As the catamaran leaves the shore, the view of the city is spectacular. The tour circles Bridges and Archipielago Islands, Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and several rocks where sea mammals and birds find shelter.
This is an excellent chance to see them in their habitat without interrupting their activities.
Overnight at Selected Hotel 

Breakfast at Hotel
Transfer to airport to board flight to EL Calafate
You will be met upon arrival at El Calfate Airport and transferred to your Hotel.
This small village is located on the south coast of Lake Argentino, in the southwest of the Province of Santa Cruz. It was named after a typical thorny bush of southern Patagonia.
The Calafate blooms in the spring with yellow flowers and in summer with purple fruits. According to tradition those who eat this fruit will always return to Patagonia.
Free afternoon
Overnight at Selected  Hotel

Breakfast at Hotel.
Today you will enjoy a full day navigation Upsala and Onelli Glaciers.
Upsala and Onelli glaciers Sail among icebergs on a clear water lake. Early morning departure to Punta Bandera where the northern and southern arms of the Argentine Lake join. Board a catamaran to sail on the lake along the front wall of Perito Moreno Glacier and among huge icebergs towards Spegazzini Channel where the Glacier with the same name is found. After passing Devil’s Throat a stop will be made in front of Upsala Glacier to observe its magnificence. The tour will continue towards Onelli Bay for a short walk across the wood to get a wonderful view of Bolado, Onelli and Agassis Glaciers.
Overnight at Selected Hotel

Breakfast at Hotel.
Full Day Excursion to Perito Moreno Glacier.
The majesty of nature at its best. Departure from El Calafate bordering the southern arm of the Argentine Lake to get to Los Glaciares National Park (90 km away) and reach the paths to the Glacier. Perito Moreno Glacier is about 30.000 years old. Its surface is 192 km2, the front wall is 5 km long and some of its peaks are 80 metres high. The deep blue base is almost as dark as the water that surrounds it. The deep silence is suddenly interrupted by the tremendous noise of huge pieces of ice that crack from the glacier and fall into the lake to float on the Canal de los Tempanos (Icebergs Channel).Private transfer to domestic airport for flight to Trelew.
Arrival at Trelew. Transfer to Puerto Madryn 
Overnight at Selected Hotel

Early breakfast followed by a Full Day Excursion to Peninsula Valdes, one of the most important wildlife reserves in Argentina. It is the breeding ground for sea lions, sea elephants, and Southern Right Whales as well as a sanctuary for many species of marine birds. You will cover approximately 221 miles touring the peninsula.
The excursion includes a visit to Puerto Piramides, a small town surrounded by cliffs resembling pyramids, located on Nuevo Gulf. Here you will take the whale watching excursion by boat (available from May through December).
Your tour continues to the most unusual sight known as Caleta Valdés, or Valdés Creek. It is a long, thin strip of land—basically an overgrown sandbar—running parallel to the coast. Followed by a visit to Punta Norte Colony.
Punta Norte is at the extreme north western tip of Península Valdés it is a magnificent setting of cliffs, a worthy backdrop scenario for the walrus and sea lion colonies on the shore.
Afternoon Return to Puerto Madryn
Overnight at Selected Hotel

Breakfast at Hotel.
Visit to Punta Tombo Penguin Colony (September to March)
Located 2 hours from Puerto Madryn by car, the drive to Punta Tombo will take you through the arid landscape of the Patagonia Plateau. Along the way it is possible to see guanacos, ostriches, foxes, and of course, Patagonian sheep. Punta Tombo is the most important Magellan Penguins colony within Patagonia. Half a million of them arrive at this place every year in order to breed.
The first penguins arrive in September and stay here up to mid March but the best season to see them is after November, once the babies are born.
One of the greatest features of this Reservation is the fact that you can literally walk among the penguins, follow them and learn their habits, see how they feed their babies, the rites of pairing, the fights for the defense of their territories, how they build their nests, and the restless walks they take to and from the sea. In other words, you can closely watch these tender little animals like you never imagined you could…
Transfer to Airport to board flight to Buenos Aires
Arrival at Buenos Aires domestic airport and transfer to International Airport for your flight back home. END OF SERVICES


DAY 01: IGUASSUiguazu
Arrival at Iguassu Airport.
Upon arrival your guide will take you to your Hotel.
Iguassu Falls are located at the border with Brazil and Argentina .The Iguassu Falls are the highlight of the Argentine/Brazilian rainforest. The falls are the widest and most imposing
water falls on Earth. Their name in the native tongue, guaraní, means Big Waters and this is, undoubtedly, the perfect name for them.
Later you will be taken for an excursion to Brazilian Falls.
Iguassu falls are the greatest waterfalls in the world, situated on the borders of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay in South America. The falls consist of 275 Iguassu Fallscascades spread nearly 2 miles including the famous ‘Devil’s Throat’.
Overnight at Selected Hotel.
After breakfast, experience the Argentinean Side of the Falls.
Today you will enjoy a panoramic view of the falls during a walking tour through the passages that connect the different observation points.
Overnight at Selected Hotel.
After breakfast transfer to airport.


SIC Transfer to bus station for early departure in Pullman Bus (shared service) to Puerto Natales (Chile).
Arrival to Puerto Natales Bus Station and SIC Transfer to Hotel
Overnight at Selected Hotel in Puerto Natales

Visiting the Patagonia without going to Torres del Paine National Park is almost a sin. This tour departs at 7 AM from your lodging place in Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park.   The first stop will be the millenary Milodon Cave, a huge natural ground accident with an incalculable anthropological value, which is believed to have been inhabited by the primitive Patagonian man, and the Milodon, an extinct herbivorous animal.        
Once 30 minutes have elapsed and 36 km have been traveled, the second stop will be made: Cerro Castillo, where passengers will be able to enjoy cafeteria services. A perfect preamble to later arrive to Torres del Paine National Park through the Amarga Lagoon area, a stunning scenery where you can enjoy watching red foxes and condors which usually are part of the beautiful panoramic views of the Paine mountain range. What comes next is even more impressive.
Following the route, you can see the Nordenskjold and Pehoé lakes, together with groups of guanacos and lesser rheas or ñandúes. The journey continues with a 10 minute hike, where it is possible to discover the astonishing Salto Grande (Large waterfall) to continue through the front of the imposing horns towards the Grey lake area. A stop will be made at the Grey inn to have lunch. During the afternoon, the tour continues towards the glacier area, where an approximate one-and-a-half-hour stop will be made, as well as a beautiful hike among forests of lengas and breathtaking ice floes of the Grey glacier.
The return trip concludes at Puerto Natales between 7:30 and 8 PM, and passengers are left in their respective lodging places
Overnight at Selected Hotel in Puerto Natales

Early SIC transfer to bus station to board Pullman bus to El Calafate.
Arrival at El Calafate and SIC transfer to Hotel or Airport.

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