Safari adventure in Central Brazil


In the heartland of Brazil, surrounded by the great Serra Geral (the major chain of mountains in Brazil), with its rivers of fresh and pure waters, paradise-like beaches, pristine and wild nature, there is one of the last regions where nature has been blissfully preserved: JALAPÃO.
The region is called “ Jalapão Desert”, but is in fact, a great oasis, full of beautiful waterfalls and springs, besides a great variety of flora and fauna of the Brazilian Savanna, (Cerrado).
The activities are many: trekking, canoeing, photographic safaris, sunset and moonrise at the dunes, evenings around a cozy bonfire… And, besides the memories of what you may experience, you will be able to bring a handicraft made with the beautiful Capim dourado, only found in Jalapao. The beginning of the trip is in Palmas, capital city of Tocantins State, in the north region of Brazil.
The Korubo Safari Camp will provide you a unique experience, enabling a complete interaction with Nature and wildlife. All the trips are for small groups, reducing the environmental impact and offering an exclusive service for all guests.     

Arrival in Palmas, reception and transfer for accommodation at the inn Pousada dos Girassóis.

This first part of the trip is done in good paved roads and takes about 3.5 hours, this will be the last few hours before we enter the tracks and unpaved roads in Jalapão. After lunch stop in the small town of Ponte Alta we will head towards the mysterious Serra Geral and leave civilization behind. Our first stop will be at Suçuapara Canyon, a refreshing place where water flows from cracks in rocks and the humidity is contrasting with the dryness of the landscape. After a couple more of hours on the road Jalapão is finally at site, revealing all its greatness. Arrival at the end of the day at the Safari Camp, where our staff will welcome the guests, show the facilities and give some safety instructions and tips on how to deal with wildlife that lives on the area.
Dinner and overnight at the Safari Camp

In the morning, after breakfast, there will be instructions on how to use the kayaks. The river beach in front of the Safari Camp is where we will start going down Novo River. Wild and pristine, Novo River is one of the last drinkable water rivers in Brazil. Its sandy bottom forms beautiful beaches allowing us to stop for swimming and probably see tracks of the many animals that live on its boarder. Lunch at the Safari Camp. In the afternoon, we will go to the famous Jalapão Dunes. Formed by golden color sand, this natural sanctuary is surrounded by a huge “Chapada Mountain” that changes its colors when the sun is going down on the horizon and also by a incredible forest of Buritis, a big palm tree, found only in the Savanna, it is home to several kinds of birds, parrots and to the big Blue Macaw, almost instinct in nature. The sunset, moonrise and the stars are simply unforgettable.
Dinner and overnight at the Safari Camp

Today we will be on the road all day long and will only return to the Safari Camp at night. Besides all the beautiful landscape surrounding us we will visit Poço do Fervedouro. Due to the water pressure flowing from the underground, it is impossible to sink, giving the incredible sensation of floating on air. (Only 6 persons at a time will be allowed in the Fervedouro). After all the fun and surprises provided by this incredible spring we will go to Cachoeira da Formiga (30 min. from Fervedouro)a waterfall which forms a crystal-clear emerald green water natural pool, the mild temperature of the water is always a invitation for a relaxing swim and lots of fun. After lunch, departure to Mateiros, a village where we can buy handicraft made with Capim Dourado .Return to the Safari Camp.
Dinner and overnight at the Safari Camp.

Mirante da Serra (Mountain Belvedere).This wild and mysterious place is the most unexplored and beautiful “Chapada Mountain” (mountains that are completely flat on its top) of the Brazilian Outback. Along the trail (four hour trekking) lots of beautiful sites can be seen including a great view of the Dunes and RIO NOVO valley. Pumas and Jaguars live in the area; sometimes it’s easy to see their footprints in the sand.
Return to the Safari Camp for lunch. The afternoon will be free to enjoy the campsite and surrounds.
Dinner and overnight at the Safari Camp.

After breakfast, we will start our trip back to Palmas. On the way we will visit Cachoeira da Velha, the biggest waterfall in Jalapão. Shaped like 2 horseshoes it has an amazing power. Behind its weather curtain lives a group of big Swallow birds only found in this area. After some pictures of the waterfall (its not possible to swim) we will head towards the LITTLE BEACH, an extremely pleasant place, with friendly shallow waters, a perfect place to end our journey. After lunch, we will go to Ponte Alta for a 30 minutes stop (use of bathrooms, telephones, get beverages).
Arrival at the inn Pousada dos Girassóis for overnight. 

Free morning. Transfer to the airport

 *Jalapao Safari Program goes from Friday to Thursday
Tours can change due to operational, safety or weather condition.

Palmas Standard Room at Pousada & Bed at Camp Tent.
Transfers as mentioned in the itinerary.
Local English speaking guide in all transfers and tours.
Meals: at the Camp 3 meals per day no beverages

 Contact us for conditions, price & availability or  54 11 49515968             

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