Amazon Brazil Cruises: Amazon Clipper

Amazon Clipper Cruises

For 20 years Amazon Clipper Cruises has been a leader in operating boat cruises in the Amazon River system departing fromManaus. Offering cruises with weekly regular departures with three different itineraries. Each one is a complete experience to the Amazon, including a visit to the “Meeting of the Waters”. You will also enjoy several side trips into the rain forest by canoe and walking; getting a good understanding in Amazon ecology and learning about the natives surviving, health and education situations.

The Traditional Fleet contains several boats with basic comfort and facilities, such as air-conditioned cabins with private toilet, covered dining room with bar and library and a 360° view sundeck.

For those who wish the comfort of a luxury ship, the Premium Fleet, offers “simply the best” small-ship cruising in the Amazon.

Both categories were designed exclusively for cruising on theAmazon River and its tributaries. The shallow draught allows to visit locations inaccessible to many other boats and the outboard powered canoes carried are used for trips in lagoons, narrow channels, creeks and flooded forest.

Sample itinerary:

DAY 1 – Wednesday – Meeting at the lobby of the Tropical Hotel at 14:00 hrs. Boarding and depart upstream on the Rio Negro while we drink a fresh fruit juice and listen to the information about facilities. After a Snack we meet us in the leisure room for lectures about Amazon where we will get a good start on understanding Amazon preservation and ecology. After Dinner we will explore little creeks in our canoes and listen to the sounds of nocturnal animals with the possibility of observing birds, frogs, snakes and caimans.

DAY 2 – Thursday – Early morning we explore the surroundings along the waters edge in our canoes while we mainly find fruit eating birds like parrots and toucans. After breakfast we go for a jungle walk, we discover many surprising fragrances in leaves, fruits, woods and animals. Around midday we return and we may go for a swim, before lunch. In the Afternoon we navigate through the Anavilhanas National Park, one of the world’s largest fresh water archipelagos, a labyrinth of waterways. In the late afternoon we embark in the canoes and learn more about this wonderful nature park.

DAY 3 – Friday – Early this morning we spend a little time fishing for piranhas and other fish. After breakfast we visit a “Natives Community” where we find many of the typical Amazonian fruits like Cupuaçu and Tapereba, palm trees like Açaí, Tucumã and Pupunha. We learn about the preparation of manioc flour and the health and education situation of the children. After lunch we are landing on one of the white sandy beaches to swim in the dark water and enjoy the Pink River Dolphins. Exploring by canoe and scout for wildlife in the late afternoon. On the way toward theAmazon River will be served dinner.    

DAY 4 – Saturday – Early this morning we explore the Lago Janauary Ecological Park. This area is usually a very good place to observe wildlife and chances to see the “Victoria Regia” the giant water lilies. While we have Breakfast we navigate to the “Meeting of the Waters”, the confluence of the world’s two largest rivers, the Amazon and the Negro. Now is time to return to the Tropical Hotel landing-stage while we join fine views ofManaus` waterfront. Arrival at 11:30 hrs. End of services.

Contact us for conditions, price & availability or  54 11 49515968

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