Iguassu Falls Argentina: The Big Waters

Visitors first arrive to the NewVisitorsCenterwhere they  walk the Nature´s Interpretation Center.

Devil’s Gorge
From the Visitors Center you can board the train that goes up to Garganta Station in about 18 minutes. Then a walk along the catwalks, Some 1200 meters over the islands, take you to enjoy the most spectacular sight from the most important balcony: the Devil’s Gorge where you have a spectacular view of the falls, one million litres of water per second right in front of you. Time required: two (2) hours.









Upper Circuit:   The 800 meters of catwalks are detached from the jungle´s surface so as to protect the fauna by preventing disruption of their natural trails.
From this circuit you have an upper view of the falls, enjoying their magnificence with a panoramic view.  The upper falls trail takes visitors across catwalks that cross over several of the falls and allow visitors to look over the edges and watch the water fall to the rocks below.  Duration  of the tour: one (1) hour.


Lower Circuit: 1.600 meters of catwalks, also detached from the jungle’s surface, enjoying a view from below and around the falls. This circuit provides a unique experience of feeling part of the natural surroundings, watching and sensing their magnitude from close. The lower falls trail allows visitors to get up closer to the falls and delivers some of the best views of the falls.  
Duration of the tour: two (2) hours.


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