Iguassu Falls: Canopy & Wet Rapelling, The Adventure

Starting with a short ride through the Paranaense jungle of Misiones, going through the wilderness and over streams, you will move towards the “Trail of the Giant Trees”:  Trekking, recognizing species of the native flora, ascending to a platform situated at 20 mts over the canopy, a cable ride gives you a thrilling flight through the giant trees.
Next the “Trail of the Waterfall and Giant Ferns”:  going over fine bridges built by the aboriginals living in the area followed by wet rappelling down the fall.




 Canoping: Feel the emotion of sliding from one tree to another fastened by a harness to steel cables, and at the same time enjoy the incredible vegetation from the eights.
Hiking:   Enjoy a walk tour in the jungle and recognize the infinite species of flora made up of strangles figs, orchids, parasitic plans and others that live together with the native avifauna like an immense natural museum.



Rappeling:  Live the thrilling experience of descending the rocks in the middle of a water fall of more than 15 metres. Or instead do the dry rappelling, permanently assisted by specialized instructors. Simply Unforgettable!


Contact us for conditions, price & availability info@m-rtours.comor  54 11 49515968       


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