Iguassu Falls: Full Moon Walks, The Romance

The Iguassu Falls moonlight walk is an adventure that no one experiencing it can forget! To do it you need to synchronize your trip to Iguassu Falls with the moon calendar since it is only possible during the full moon.

The adventure goes on only during five days on each month, the full moon day plus two days before and two days after, the unique moment when the silvery light of the moon makes the mammoth Devil’s Gorge of the Iguassu Falls visible at night.

The full moon Iguassu Falls walking experience is personally supervised by the Argentine National Park rangers and it starts in the central train station of the park where a guide explains the details of the adventure to the gathered visitors.

Then you board the tiny Green Train of the Jungle and head straight to the last Devil’s Throat station. From there you will walk the 1km elevated walkway over the upper Iguazu River that puts you right on top of the giant waterfall. If the angle and power of the moonlight is right you may even be able to see the unique night rainbow that forms against the mist of the falls.
Of course that the ideal moment of this tour is a clear sky night but if it’s partially cloudy it will be good enough to do the tour anyway. A good idea is to arrive to the falls on the first day of the five day scheduled monthly calendar of night visits and plan to stay for the fallowing three or four days to make sure you get the chance of a perfect full moon night to view the falls. …”we stood there appreciating the solitude, the grandness, and the downright alien feeling. The flowing water beneath us and sound of bending fronds and shaking branches in the wind was a little unnerving, and made us feel pretty small and out of our element”…(travelers opinión)


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