Iguassu Falls Zodiacs & Helicopters: The Thrill

Nautical Adventure:
Embarking from a natural pier across San Martín Island
You will first hear the boat  engines roaring just meters away from the glory of the Falls where you can take some pictures. Then cameras away and the main course begins, the boat speeds up to get nearer and nearer to the Three Musketeers fall. You will get so close to the falls that a fine and refreshing  drizzle will soak you from head to toes.
You then approach the second strongest fall after the devil’s throat, the San Martin Fall.
This is definitely an adventure of a lifetime:… “It feels as if you’re completely under the falls, so dense and disorientating is the spray”…(traveler’s opinion).









Helicopter Ride:
Take an unforgettable helicopter flight over one of the greatest wonders of nature, the world-famous Iguassu Falls. Entrance to the heliport is next to the Brazilian National Park. It must be combined with a private visit of the Brazilian falls.  Film and photograph this amazing natural beauty from your aerial vantage point. The first thing that one notices from the helicopter is an huge expanse of white foaming water surrounded by rainforest. Look out for a rainbow as the sun lights the tumbling waters. With breathtaking views of the Iguassu Falls, the Iguassu National Park and the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, this helicopter tour will be a truly unique experience.


Contact us for conditions, price & availability info@m-rtours.comor  54 11 49515968       


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