Honeymoon in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Arrival at RioAirport. Your local guide will take you to your hotel.Copacabana2

Rio de Janeiro, was the capital of the Portuguese empire and of the country up until 1960. Nicknamed A Cidade Maravilhosa – “The MarvelousCity” is world renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and location, nestled between steep, green mountains and crystal clear seas. Rio is one of the most important cultural and economical cities in Brazil and features some of country’s most famous attractions such as the Pão de Açúcar, the Corcovado, and Copacabana and Ipanema beach. The city is full of energy and Cariocas, the locals of Rio, are known for their care free spirit and charm. Whether you are looking to experience Carnaval, relax in a natural environment, or enjoy all the luxuries of a cosmopolitan city, Rio de Janeiro has it all!

Overnight at Sheraton Rio Hotel

DAY 02: RIO DE JANEIROCopacabana
Today, after breakfast at Hotel, you will head off for a Sugar Loaf Excursion.

This tour begins with a city panoramic view through downtown Rio, passing by the Maracana Stadium, the Sambodrome, the Metropolitan Cathedral, in pyramid form, with internal diameter of 96 meters and height of 80 meters. Get to know the traditional Cinelandia square with the historical buildings, the Municipal Theater, the National Library and the National Museum of Fine Arts. By taking the Aterro do Flamengo, you will be taken to the neighborhood of Urca where one of the largest symbols of the city is located: the Sugar Loaf.Over a million tourists a year visit the world famous Pão de Açúcar or Sugar Loaf Mountain in English, which has become an iconic symbol of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Rising up from small peninsula at the entrance of Guanabara Bay, its name is said to refer to its resemblance to the traditional shape of concentrated refined sugar loaf. The tour is done in two steps by glass cable-cars.rio de janeiro22

The first cable-car takes passengers to the top of Urca Hill, which rises 215 meters above sea level and offers spectacular views of the entire bay its islands.

From Urca Hill, passengers continue in a second cable car to the top of Sugar Loaf which rises 395 meters above sea level and offers a 360 degree view of the entire city including Botafogo and CopacabanaBeaches, the Corcovado and downtown Rio.

 After Lunch (included), we will visit Corcovado Mountain and the beaches.

Drive to one of the older parts of Rio called Cosme Velho, from where we take the train to the CorcovadoMountain with the gigantic statue of Christ the Redeemer (2.300ft above sea level). A modern swiss-made cogwheel rail climbs the mountain from its base at 15meters almost to the summit at 710 meters. The trip up takes 17 minutes aprox, at a maximum speed of 15km/h. The trip down takes 22min., at a speed of 12km/h.corcovado christ

Overnight at Sheraton Rio Hotel

Breakfast at Hotel.

Free Day in Rio to Enjoy Beaches.

 Overnight at Sheraton Rio Hotel

After breakfast, transfer to Airport to board flight to Natal.
Arrival at Natal and Transfer to Hotel.

Natal, the City of the Sun, capital city of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, is a major tourist destination in Brazil. It has always been an island of tranquility in Brazil; the sunny beaches always attracted tourists from all around the country. It is the nearest Brazilian capital of Europe and paradise islands of Fernando de Noronha, attracting around two million tourists a year who seek various attractions. Natal became the entry gate to the beautiful beaches of the State of Rio Grande do Norte. Many of them are still semi-wild, such as Pipa beach and MaracajaúNatal 1 beach; and others are the liveliest, Genipabu, Pirangi beach and Ponta Negra.

Overnight at Rifoles Praia Hotel.

Breakfast at Hotel.
Today Enjoy a City Tour of Natal

Soak up the morning with a visit to the Ponta Negra and Fortaleza dos Reis Magos. Enjoy a scenic drive along the Coastal Highway to the city beaches and visit a famous fortress. Then it’s off to see the largest cashew tree in the world before bathing in the calm waters of PirangiBeach. A great sightseeing tour of Natal and the south coast!

Enjoy a relaxing visit to the Via Costeira beach before making your way to the Reis Magos Fort. Perched on the rocks overlooking the ocean, this fascinating structure is sure to capture your amazement!honeymooners 
Your tour proceeds through the neighborhoods of Santos Reis, Rocas and Ribeira, areas where Natal began its urban growth. Then it’s on to the city center where you’ll visit the cathedral of Natal. Stop at an arts and handicrafts center, where you’ll have the opportunity to appreciate the work and do a little souvenir shopping.

Don’t miss out on the view from the Morro de Careca (the bald hill), where panoramic vistas of the outskirts of Natal and PirangiBeach can be found. From sightseeing and culture to shopping and relaxing, this tour has it all! An easy and fun way to experience Brazil’s south coast!

 Overnight at Rifoles Praia Hotel.

Breakfast at Hotel.

Coastal North in Buggy Cars
Departure from the hotel to the North in buggy. In the tour’s people will know the Buggy Natalbeaches of eccentric Redinha (crossing the river on raft Potengi), Genipabu (the beach is our main postcard, it’s the people make an exciting buggy ride to a beautiful park on the fixed dunes) , Barra do Rio (Rio Ceará Mirim crossing on ferry), Pitangui (with a stop for swimming in lake), Jacumã (with a stop for swimming in Lake and walk in the dunes) and Muriú (a beautiful beach in the form of inlet). Stop for lunch (not included).
Duration of tour: 07 hours

Overnight at Rifoles Praia Hotel.

Breakfast at Hotel.natal
Transfer to Airport to board flight to Fernando de Noronha
Fernando de Noronha is an isolated group of volcanic islands located in the South Equatorial Atlantic at 03° 51′ south and 32° 25′ west, approximately 215 miles from Cape Sao Roque in the state of Rio Grande do Norte and 340 miles from Recife, Pernambuco.

In Fernando de Noronha you have the sensation of been in the best region of Brazil with 17 square kilometers of land at 545 kilometers from the Brazilian coast, with a population of only 2.100 inhabitants and with a tourism developed in a sustainable way creating an opportunity of joining Man and Nature in one of the most important ecological sanctuaries of the world.

The Archipelago Fernando de Noronha hosts ecologic sites ideal for an exuberant marine animal life, due to its geographic location far from the continent and well within the path of the Southern Equatorial Current, as well as the nature of its climate, a fact clearly proven in various experiments. Over the years separate studies have discovered 168 families of mollusks, 72 species of crustaceans, and a large quantity of ornamental fish both native and migratory.

Arrival at Fernando de Noronha and transfer to Hotel.

Overnight at Pousada Beco de Noronha

Breakfast at Hotel.
Day free to explore the island

Overnight at Pousada Beco de Noronha

Breakfast at Hotel.
Boat Tour
Excellent way to see the beauty of the archipelago. Every morning boats live from the port located in one extreme of the island passing aside all beaches of “internal sea” as the SanchoBay, Dois Irmão, PorcosBay, until the Ponta da Sapata, returning to the port around 1 pm.

Rest of the day free to explore the island.

Overnight at Pousada Beco de Noronha

Breakfast at Hotel.
DivingFEN Delfnes
Noronha is one of the best places in the world for diving. The excellent visibility, warm water, rich marine life and dozens of shipwrecks around the archipelago turn this area a paradise for divers. There are three different scuba dive operators that offer different kinds of dives, to allkinds of divers, from the beginners to the most experienced ones. One of the best places for deep dive is the Corveta Ipiranga, a big ship sunk over 60m deep, where many species of animals live. 
Even if you are not an experienced diver, it is possible to appreciate the sub-aquatic beauty of Noronha’s sea. Almost every beach in Noronha has good points to observe the colored fishes, turtles, stingrays and other species that inhabit the area. 

 Overnight at Pousada Beco de Noronha

Breakfast at Hotel.
Transfer to airport.


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