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Buenos Aires Tips!Porteño

Buenos Aires has always been famous for its incredible cultural offer.
Cinemas, theatres and shows provide an unlimited variety of options for entertainment. Like every big city, Buenos Aires has a thriving theater scene. The ‘Broadway’ of Buenos Aires is the section of Avenida Corrientes that’s between Avenida 9 de Julio and Callao. Most of the city’s 40-odd theaters are located here. Dramas, musical comedies, “teatro de revistas” (a sort of revue), and tango shows, are some of the proposals for all ages, all year round.
Both cinema and theatre represent two very important activities for the porteños. Currently, there are about 175 theatres, 200 cinemas and many Tango Shows.
Tango has been exported to the world, but many enthusiasts in other countries move mountains to come here, to the acknowledged beating heart of tango, to learn from the masters!

 The city of Buenos Aires holds more than 3,500 restaurants, ranging from the most sophisticated traditional and ethnic restaurants to bars, pubs and international chains of fast food restaurants.

The classical parrillas offering Argentine roasted meat abound, even in the sidewalks. Buenos Aires is just the place to taste all kinds of meals from different countries of the world. Corrientes avenue is the ideal place to taste an excellent pizza. Dining in Buenos Aires is an art, a passion, and a pastime. Sobremesa (chatting over wine or coffee long after the table has been cleared) is as much of an event as the meal itself.

Estancias, or ranches, play a huge part in Argentina’s culture and economy. In the early days these establishments were responsible for making Argentina one of the biggest meat and grain producers in world. Dotted around the vast, flat pampa we find delightful old estancias, which continue to retain their colonial elegance and charm. Perfectly juxtaposed with the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, the estancias offer a chance to step back in time and imagine life as it was generations ago. Here one can relax, ride, watch the gauchos at work and enjoy an authentic – unbeatable Argentinian barbecue.
Estancias also give tourists the rare opportunity to stay as a guest at a working estancia in order to experience the unique gaucho ranch culture in a tranquil and beautiful setting of untamed countryside. Most estancias are over two hundred years old and still maintain traditional practices and values.

Buenos Aires is a city characterized by the multiplicity of its artistic expressions, ranging from the great assortment of sculptures and monuments to streets and corners that surprise the visitor with their allegorical reliefs and murals.

The classical buildings in Buenos Aires are a mix of architectural styles (particularly French and Italian), as you would expect in a city of immigrants. Many of them were built during the boom years of 1880 to 1920, which means that many of them are built in the neoclassical style that was popular around the world at that time..

Of course the architecture in Buenos Aires isn’t all classical. There are art nouveau and art deco buildings too, dilapidated colonial houses in San Telmo, colorful shacks around La Boca’s Caminito and gleaming towers in Puerto Madero. They’re all part of the mix.

Buenos Aires has a flourishing book industry, one of the most competitive in Latin America, owing to the amount of books published every year as well as to the quality of the publicationsThat is why Buenos Aires is one of the cities concentrating more bookstores. Often referred to as ciudad de libros (city of books), Buenos Aires has a rich literary history and culture that inspires residents and visitors alike to explore the shelves of its charming bookstores.

For those who admire or collect pieces of art there are wonderful galleries and art museums where works by Argentine and foreign artists may be admired. There is a great variety of museums. At present, there are more than 100 museums, both public and private.


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